We are sitting on the light rail going into Darling Harbour in Sydney. The conductor comes along to get our fare. His name badge says ‘Christopher’. He has a chunky build, a bit of his parents’ Greek accent, a friendly smile.

I pay for our tickets and say, “How’d the baby boy sleep last night?”
Christopher has no idea who we are. My wife and I are visiting Sydney for a few days, that’s all. Consider it a scientific experiment.
“He was awake until midnight,” says Christopher. “I hardly got any sleep.”
“Hope he settles down soon,” I say.
“Thanks,” he says. He loves talking about the baby. He moves away to take more fares.

I wonder if, sometime through the day, he will wonder who those strangers were who asked about his new baby son.

There’s something magical about being around a new Dad. Everything moves to the background to make room for the baby, and even total strangers are welcome to ask such a question for the sake of speaking about the miracle of life.

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One Response to “Christopher”

  1. Jane Says:

    There’s something magical about wandering around the city and finding just the right stranger to speak to about the miracle of life 🙂

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