I got an email today. OK, OK, I know that you’ll all want one, but life dishes out emails to the lucky ones.

This email – its subject line reads IDPWD
‘Nothing wrong with that,’ I hear you say.
But it reminds me of something.

Cuppla weeks ago I was doing some training for my work. Facilitator training, so I can train somebody else to do what they pay me for. Got to love that. The stuff was presented by an organisation called AICA. The program is called LMP. And there is a lot to be learned in LMP.

For a start there is understanding NSDs. And how they must be changed to PSDs. NSDs start with SLEs, they get processed in our FoO, and the goal of the program is that they end in SMARTs. We achieve the goal by a process of charting ISTFARs.

I really hope you are getting this. Probably not. It’s a bit like me being the only one to get an email. Never mind. Life does that to people. GOI.

All this reminds me of when I attended the UoW which was a detached campus of UNSW. I can’t remember what class it was, or what the assignment was about. But I can remember the tutor marking it quite simply with, UNA.

I had to go and ask him what it meant.
His reply? Use No Abreviations.

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