Today us Aussies are voting. It’s compulsory over here, voting. Millions of us are getting out there and having our say. It’s a federal election, so the outcome might be a change of Prime Minister. Many people see that as a foregone conclusion.

Voting closes in about two minutes, 6pm local time, and then the counting starts.

It’s a funny thing, democracy. We vote these people into office and hope they will do as we want them to do. For their part, the politicians make all sorts of promises to get us to vote for them. Then they forget all about us and follow the party line. A few years later and the next election comes along and it’s all on again.

There’s something very dysfunctional about all this. There’s this community of people out there who are so bereft of self-esteem that they need to advertise their need for it nationally in the hope that people will fill in little form letters to tell them how much they like them.

Well, today, that’s what we are doing. Signing over the country to a bunch of people who don’t much like themselves. Any wonder something inside my mind wants to say something about used car salesmen.

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