Foxing the kookaburras

I have begun to put my evil plan into action. I have installed Albert.

Albert is a glove puppet. And Albert is a kookaburra. Albert is clever enough that he can be both of those things at the one time. He’s ambidextrous.

Actually, he is ambidextrous. He can be a left handed glove puppet or a right handed glove puppet. It’s as easy for him as it is for the hand inside him. Albert can match the ambidextrisity of anybody on the planet. You have to agree that Albert is very talented.

And Albert is now sitting in the bay window of our family room. When we sit there at breakfast watching the kookaburras outside, Albert is there at the window.

I wondered for a while whether the real kookaburras could see him from outside. And just as that thought came wandering into my mind, kooka No.1 left his perch on the fence and flew about thirty feet across the yard to pull a worm from between the longish grass.

OK, I said to myself, so they can see things from a distance. I reckon they can see Albert in the window.

The kookaburras have responded to Albert. They have indeed. I don’t think they like him. He’s in their territory, and kookaburras are highly territorial birds. Trouble is, he’s on the inside of the glass.

But, not to be deterred, one of the kookaburras has begun swooping him. He takes off from the top of the clothes line and swoops low across the ground towards Albert and before he hits the glass he swoops upward and sits for a minute on the guttering. Then he goes back to the clothesline to do it all over again.

Time to put Albert outside to fend for himself I think.

Yeah, I’ll do that. It’s not as if we’re short of worms or anything.


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