Yes, No, Now

I’m sitting here watching the truck racing. Big trucks. Kenwoods, mostly. It’s like watching slow motion mayhem, and I love it. Trouble is, there are so many places where I have to turn something off inside me. So I blog my way through. The places? When they interview the drivers.

“Now, Darren, talk us through those last three laps.”

“Yes, no, we started out with a plan to …. ”

“Now, Phil, you got a good start but lost it somewhere. Something serious happened out there.”

“Yes, no, we put a lot of development into a new turbo setup … ”

“Now, Bryce, running off at corner six must have been devastating for you in this final race.”

“Yes, no, we’re all gutted at the moment … ”

The mute button, one of life’s little blessings.

Anyway, I think you get the message. Yes? No?

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