A Day in the Country

Gotta love it when work takes me out for a drive into the hills. Today it did.

It was an out of the way village I’d never been to before.  Just as well I had the TomTom.

OK, you got me, just as well I had the mobile phone. The TomTom got the street name wrong.

Wrong, I tell you.

Hard to believe isn’t it? Mr TomTom got it wrong. I was sure I wrote down the spelling given to me by the client. But Mr TomTom didn’t know it. At least it got me to the right village. And at least the village was small enough for me not to get misplaced.

So here I am, sitting in the car on the mobile phone.

“Hi Mike, It’s Kim. This is where I am. Where are you?”

We spoke directions for a bit, proving that men can ask for directions sometimes.

“Tell me what houses you can see.”

“I’m sitting in front of a new house with a nice looking glass balcony.”

“That’s near my place. I’ll come out on the deck. Hang on, I think I can hear your car. Drive forward to the next driveway.”

Modern technology does it again. A sports car with a rumbly muffler points the way. That four inch exhaust system has been waiting for this moment. Today it got its few minutes of fame.

Mr TomTom allows me to correct his spelling. I did it. Gotta love a gadget who can admit his mistake.

And me? I got a nice drive into the rolling green hills and back. No mistake in that one.

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One Response to “A Day in the Country”

  1. Middle Man Says:

    Ha ha ha. I feel you. I had a very similar experience. You might enjoy reading this:


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