The Mystery of Blog Stats

Well, it is a mystery, aintit?

Any blogger worth the name checks the stats every now and then. Mine are really odd. The most popular post on this blog is … Nah, can’t tell you.

I’ve got a post titled ‘Sex’. It’s there to skew the stats. Rather mild all up, just some jokes for the fifteen year old male mind, but when that post hit cyberspace the site hits almost doubled overnight. I wondered how high it would go. To the top, that’s where it went.

There’s another post titled ‘Stravinsky Teen Sex Romp’. A funny story of how I got to spray-tan my brother’s university dance company to make them look like nymphs for a performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Guess what, the ‘S-Word’ gets a mention and so it’s up there in the stats in second place.

But now a blog has crept from the past to take out top spot. Funny thing, it’s got nothing at all to do with sex. Nothing at all. Strangest thing, people actually go searching for it, I can see their tracks in the stats.

And the top post’s title? … No, still can’t tell you. Blame Mr Heisenberg.

(You might have to Google.)

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