Serious Noise on the Way

My neighbour dropped by to tell me of a party. A noisy party, and he was apologising ahead of time.

“That’s OK,” I said, “thanks for letting us know.”

“Could I drop you in something nice to drink for compensation?”

“Not necessary.”

“What do you like to drink? Beer? Wine?”

“OK, we like a nice red.”

“A mate who’s coming to the party has heaps of reds. I’ll get him to choose something nice for you. I drink beer so I don’t know much about wine. But my mate will have something decent.”

A few days later the neighbour dropped by again. This time with two bottles. The party is a week away, but he wanted to check that the wine was suitable. There was a 1997 Grant Burge ‘Filsell’ Shiraz and a 2001 Leeuwin Estate ‘Art Series’ Cabernet Sauvignon. Ten minutes later he returned with another of the Grant Burge.

“Forgot this one,” he said. “Let me know what you think and if they’re OK I’ll get you some more for the weekend,” he said.

I could post the google links for these two reds, but you can do that for yourself. And if you do you will find online wine stores still selling both of them. The prices are considerable. Very considerable. We drank one last night, and the others will find their way to the same destination very soon.

My beer-drinking neighbour and his wine-loving mate have excelled themselves in neighourliness. And it’s all left me wondering, just how much noise are they planning on making next weekend?


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