On Being Mindless

Not me, somebody else.

Every now and then we come across something completely stupid and without thought. It’s my turn.

I have just spent the weekend with my son. It was his birthday and so my wife and I headed west to his place for some catchup time. We took the kids to a playground to mess around a bit late on Saturday afternoon. It was a pleasant family thing. Four adults, four kids, nobody misses out.

Sunday afternoon and our son suggested that we drive back to the playground as one of the boys had lost his jacket and thinks he took it off there. We got to the playground and got out, one on each side of the car. So far, pretty normal. I scanned around from my side and saw what looked like it might be the jacket. My son scanned his side and saw what looked like the jacket. We each set off in different directions, and we each arrived about the same time at our target. We were both right.

Each of us had found one half of the boy’s jacket. It had been ripped in half down the back from the neck to the waist. The two pieces were lying about fifty metres apart.

Small boys forget things. That is normal. But this was a big boy bit of petty vandalism. So a small boy has lost his pride and joy leather-look jacket, and a big boy with a small mind has lost something else. I haven’t figured out exactly what he’s lost. Perhaps one day I will.

Oh yeah, NaNoWriMo. It was a slow weekend for writing, considering the birthday and all. But there’s a modest increase and a few ideas got written down in my notebook in some waking moments through the night. So far, so good.


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