New York Review of Books

I can’t read the NYRB fast enough. There must be ten of them sitting here waiting for me. It’s packed with intelligence and takes me a while to get through it. It makes my brain work overtime, for which I don’t get any extra pay.

But there are also things that make me smile, like the personals. I was surprised to find these in such a serious magazine but I’ve grown to like them. They have a quality all their own in this environment. Sometimes I wonder if somebody I know might one day advertise like this.

For instance:

Good looks, blond, all-American girl, smart, sensual, former CEO, International Consultant in NYC. Insightful irreverence, quick mind, self-deprecating humor. True explorer’s spirit. Easygoing, warm, stylish, intellectual. Passion for photography, travel, film, art galleries, music, restaurants. Would love to meet bright, active, cosmopolitan man.

My initial thought was that somebody with these qualities would know lots of men and be in a social position to form the relationships she is looking for. Apparently not.

Here’s another.

Anti-advertising woman, reasonably well packaged, obsessively honest but wears make-up for special occasions. Moderately sophisticated (better than too sophisticated) available for playful, thoughtful, sexy, serious relationship. Too good to be true. This offer will not be repeated.

I must confess, I find the thought of an anti-advertising woman writing the final two sentences to be very funny.

I’m left wondering if the people who put these personal ads in the NYRB actually read the book reviews.

Just a thought.

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