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The Book is Here!

May 3, 2009

Just heard from the publisher. The book is back from the printers.

Lots of them.

Cartons of them.

Pallets of them. OK, maybe not pallets of them. You can fit a lot of books onto a pallet.

All we need now is pallet loads of customers.

It’s the end of the author chapter and the beginning of the marketing chapter.

The Next Step For Clem

November 29, 2008

That book, the one being published next year. Here’s the catch-up.

The publisher is Ford Street Publishing. Yeah, I know I can give you a link, but you can google it just as easily.

OK, here is is –

And here’s the book intro –

We are setting up for a June 2009 release.

That’s all, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along, please.

The Next Limo

October 10, 2008

I thought it was all over. The waiting, that is. Turned out it wasn’t.

Getting the word from a publisher that he wants to publish my book was a real buzz. Waiting for that response was totally distracting. My mind would not do anything of consequence in the waiting time.

But then something else happened. He told me the contract was on its way. Oh, no. The next round in the waiting match. It took several days for the big fat envelope to arrive. Guess what my mind did between the sending and the receiving. Nothing. That’s what it did. Nothing.

Well, I’m now reading my way through sixteen pages of technical jargon and legal wordery. What fun that is.

It is just as well my mind has turned itself on again.