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Clem starts at 1550

June 3, 2009

Nice number to start with, I reckon, 1550.

Clem is the character in my new book, ‘They Told Me I Had To Write This‘. You can find it here

The release date is July 1st, but who’s counting? I’ve got a few author copies sitting on my desk. Friends of mine want to buy it. I’m getting a promo video prepared for YouTube. It’s all happening.

And I just got the news from the publisher – a school book club wants to take 1550 copies.
The first sale!
What a way to start!!
Clem is running round the house yelling Yippee!!!
The exclamations marks are building!!!!

Hope my editor doesn’t find out about those exclamation marks.

The Book is Here!

May 3, 2009

Just heard from the publisher. The book is back from the printers.

Lots of them.

Cartons of them.

Pallets of them. OK, maybe not pallets of them. You can fit a lot of books onto a pallet.

All we need now is pallet loads of customers.

It’s the end of the author chapter and the beginning of the marketing chapter.