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Reading in Science Class? Terrible!

June 16, 2010

I’ve been setting up some author/class contact with a school.

One of the Year Nine English classes in the school has been using my book, They Told Me I Had To Write This, for their set text. The class teacher and I have been emailing about making contact and giving the students the opportunity to speak with the author. Today we spoke on the phone, setting up the final details.

In the course of the conversation the teacher mentioned an exchange between her and the science teacher. The science teacher was complaining that the students were reading that book they are studying for English instead of paying attention to the science lesson.

Some comments can be hard for an author to take. But not this one. Yay!

Hidden in this story is the fact that in the book, the troubled teenage main character has a memorable science lesson on soap-making. It’s a little later that he realises that soap-making is a metaphor for personal healing and wholeness. Not the average learning point from science as I remember it.