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November 28, 2007

Two ‘gone’ things to think about this week.

John Howard.
Lost his seat after a long battle. It was Australia’s most dysfunctional election to date with both major parties seeming to be on the same side. Some people will miss Howard, some will wonder what’s missing but not be able to put their finger on it, and some will spend lots of time harassing the ears of others on how they won’t miss him at all. For many years Howard managed to lie to the people of Australia and get away with it when so many other politicians were scuppered on their own words. I think people grew weary somewhere along the way.

Bernie Banton.
Lost his life after a long battle. It was a war fought on two fronts – his own failing health and his relentless pursuit of the James Hardie Corporation. Bernie became one of Australia’s famous faces over the years. His determination to see proper compensation from JH caused them to skip the country and set up overseas. Bernie’s brother was one of JH’s victims a few years ago, as were most of the men with whom he worked in the asbestos industry. A state funeral will honour him for the integrity that he forced upon a corporation which fought him every step of the way.