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Murder Ball

September 16, 2008

Gotta love this game. What a blast!

Each year early in October, I go to a music festival. Thousands of people are there. Last year there was a young woman in a wheel chair. We got talking and I found she had a murderous streak.

“You seen Murder Ball?” she asked.

“Nuh, what’s that?”

“It’s like Mad Max does rugby in wheel chairs. ‘Cept that it’s rougher.”

“Never heard of it.”

“Bloke in America made a movie about it. Get the DVD.”


I didn’t. Didn’t get the DVD, I mean. But I remembered the name and got onto Google.

The movie was made by a bloke named Shapiro. And this Shapiro is an author. Wrote a book named “The Every Boy”. About a teenager getting to grips with life, ‘cept that it starts with his death. Interesting concept, I reckoned. So I read the book. It’s worth a read. And they’re making a movie.

Anyway, back to Murder Ball. I’ve been watching it in the paralympics. And enjoying every moment. Australia has got this bloke named Ryley Batt. He’s got the most extraordinary acceleration, and is a big bloke who can block like a house on wheels when he sets his mind to it.

There’s always a bit of a danger of being maudlin talking about people with a disability. Easy to get a bit teary, work the emotion a bit. This bloke knocks that stuff on the head right off. Try that on and he’d do a ram-raid on the conversation I reckon. I can see him storming into the next Mad Max movie like a natural.

They are planning one, aren’t they? Another Mad Max movie? How can they not since Murder Ball came to earth?

And in a couple of weeks I’m going to the music festival. I’ll be keeping a lookout for that woman in the wheel chair. There’s a little voice inside me saying that she’d fit easily into a Mad Max movie herself.