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The Next Opening Ceremony

September 8, 2008

Ok, here we go again.

This one was better.

There, that should do it.

Nah, probably not. Will need more than that, mate.

OK. It had humour, that’s what made the difference. Those round plastic characters at the beginning, and all those kids in the crazy turtle suits. Those guys were having fun.

Perhaps that’s what I missed from the main opening. Everybody was so intent on being serious. It was as if something significant was hanging on it all, something like the national debt or whether the sun would rise tomorrow. Chicken Little serious.

But the paralympics was able to open without that, apparently. At least for some of it. Some of those singers could do with a booster shot into their funny bone.

And having Adam Hills instead of a sports commentator (at least for the Australian broadcast) made for a better sound track.

So, there it is. Humour, humanity, perhaps both are more likely to be found in the face of adversity.

One in Five

August 16, 2008

The Chinese Olympic thing has got me thinking. They reckon one in five people on the planet is Chinese, and that’s very significant for me as I was the middle one of five children.

I have two elder brothers, Craig and Peter, and two younger sisters, Jane and Meilin Chan.

Yeah, I reckon it must be Peter.

Not another blog on Beijing’s Opening Ceremony

August 10, 2008

‘Fraid so.

But not a long one.

It was spectacular. It was entertaining. It was choreographed. It was synchronised. It was of the essence of Chinese culture, we were told.

It was empty of personality. It was empty of individuality. It was the attack of the clones. It was of the essence of totalitarianism.

There, that should to it.