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Declared War on the Peaceful Doves

October 25, 2008

.. they did.

I blogged about the peaceful doves a while ago. There were two nesting pairs in two trees over out back fence. We’ve grown to like them as they came into our yard to feed, generally with one standing watch on the roof.

They have now gone. The doves and the trees.

We looked out of the window and both trees were gone, hacked off about a foot above the ground. The doves flew around the place for a day or two, sat on the verandah railing and looked into the empty space for a while, and now they have also gone. We can only guess what happened to the chicks.

There are now four refugee doves in the neighbourhood. There are other trees. And it is normal for a feeding pair to breed again quickly following the loss of a nest.

But we miss them still