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December 14, 2007

Rejection does not mean dejection.

That is Scribbly Gum’s First Law of Getting Letters from Publishers.

OK, you guessed it. I just got a rejection letter. A rejection email, but the result is the same. After all, they wanted the sub on email. The publisher has had the full manuscript since mid October. It took eight weeks for them to get back to me, that’s normal.

The letter was polite. That is not necessarily normal but probably an increasing trend.

It was a SNARL – which is not as bad as it sounds – a Sensitive New Age Rejection Letter. A friendly snarl, one with a smile and a final line of good wishes with other publishers.

The result? I refuse to get dejected. I’ve had rejection letters before. They exist. They float around out there in the ether or in cyberspace or wherever it is that things float these days. And having floated, they settle on people. Tonight one settled on me. I shook it off before it’s little brother ‘Dejection’ caught up with it.

I will work on the novel. I will consult with people who give solid advice. I will submit to another publisher. I will re-invent the wheel. Oh, wait a minute, somebody’s already done that.