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How To Slow Down

October 31, 2009

I blogged a while ago about moving out of my Nissan 200SX turbo coupe (which my wife now drives) and into a Subaru Outback station wagon. I needed the space for people and stuff for work. Considering that the Nissan has been my work car for six or seven years I’ve held out pretty well.

The Subaru is nice enough to drive, but let’s face it – it’s not the Nissan. Consequently the changeover has slowed me down a fair bit.

Today I came across this. It’s a Subaru. 1958 model, the mother of them all.

1958 model Subaru

If anybody wanted to slow down I reckon this would be the way to do it.

Oh yeah, and if you are wondering about the real reason behind posting this. It’s because tomorrow I start out on the NaNoWriMo thing, so today I’ve been getting notes and chapter planning in order so I’ve got a bit of a framework for the next month. Trouble is, it’s a pretty boring thing to be doing. So I mowed the lawn, did some planning, and chased up pics of old Subarus. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

From This … To This

July 17, 2009

I’ve made a move recently.
From this –


It’s a Nissan 200SX S15. It goes like it looks. Better than it looks after we did a bit of work underneath it.

To this –


It’s a Subaru Outback Wagon.

We’ve still got the Nissan. My wife drives it. I drive the wagon for work as I need to carry people and things now and then.

The difference? Well, the Nissan has several things that the Outback doesn’t.

1. Performance

2. Handling

3. Acceleration

4. Stability

5. Performance

6. Responsiveness

7. Braking

8. Turbocharger

9. Point and shoot steering

I could go on. For instance, did I mention performance? What about handling?

On the other hand, the Outback has a few things that the Nissan misses out on.

1. Cupholders. Three of them

2. Yeah, that’s about it, really.

My wife got a good deal out of all this.