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Author Interview with Kim Miller

October 24, 2009

Some time ago I was invited by a local community radio station to come in and talk about my work. Being a prison chaplain sounds a bit exotic and so people like to ask questions about the people I work with. The radio guy suggested I might like to put some questions down that would guide him. I did better. I wrote a whole interview, his questions and my answers. Then I turned up at the radio station and we got on with it. It worked for him, and it worked for me.

This time somebody else is interviewing me. I’m an author. I write fiction. That means I get to tell lies and people pay me money for it. It’s not a good beginning for an interview is it? So this time somebody else is going to make up the questions. Actually, they did it already.

If you head over to the WeLoveYA blog, one of Australia’s young adult fiction appreciation zones, you will find the interview. I didn’t make up the questions. And I managed to tell the truth in the answers.