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The Next Limo

October 10, 2008

I thought it was all over. The waiting, that is. Turned out it wasn’t.

Getting the word from a publisher that he wants to publish my book was a real buzz. Waiting for that response was totally distracting. My mind would not do anything of consequence in the waiting time.

But then something else happened. He told me the contract was on its way. Oh, no. The next round in the waiting match. It took several days for the big fat envelope to arrive. Guess what my mind did between the sending and the receiving. Nothing. That’s what it did. Nothing.

Well, I’m now reading my way through sixteen pages of technical jargon and legal wordery. What fun that is.

It is just as well my mind has turned itself on again.

Your Limo is Here, Sir

October 3, 2008

Sept 22nd and I blogged about waiting for something to happen.You can scroll down to the Waiting for the Limo post and check it out.

Sometimes things happen and interrupt normal life. Even silly things can do it, such as winning that James Bond contest and having the limo enter our mundane lives. And in those times everything else seems to sit around and wait with you as your brain goes into neutral. The Limo post was about one of those times.

The subject of that Limo post has happened. The publisher has emailed me. He wants to publish the book.

Yeehar! Break out the Bollinger.

Now the waiting is over perhaps I can get back to normal life.

Nah, let’s finish the Bollinger first. And I think there’s some more of that Moet & Chandon …

Waiting for the Limo

September 22, 2008

Every done it? Ever had to wait for the limo? To pick you up, I mean, not waiting for the limo to drop somebody else off. Anyone can do that. Find a red carpet and a crowd and you’ll see what I mean.

I had to do it once, wait for that limo. What a nightmare. So, you got time for a yarn?

I’d run out of shirts or jeans or something, and passing by a menswear store I remembered to go in and buy some.

“Fill in the form, sir?”

“Sorry, what was that?”

“The form. It’s for our shopping centre competition. Premier night at the new James Bond movie.”

“Oh, yeah. OK”

That was Friday.

Wednesday and the phone rings. It’s about 4:30pm.

“Hello Mr Miller. I’m ringing to tell you that you’ve won the James Bond competition. Tickets for the opening night.”

“Oh, that’s good. When’s it for?”



“The limousine will pick you up at 6:30.”

“Thanks. Thanks very much.”

Now what do we do? We’ve got two hours to get ready, much more time than we need. Dinner is included so we don’t need to prepare a meal. We have only to sit and wait. And fidget.

And so came into being the phrase, Waiting for the Limo.

It’s time that can’t be re-allocated. It just ticks away as you sit there. Your mind is on something important, or at least significant, or just plain distracting, and it won’t be turned to something useful in the interim. Your brain has gone to mush. It is as useful as a parking meter, but just a little less expensive.

And at the appointed time the limo arrives and the chronology starts up again.

A publisher emailed me today. I sent a manuscript to him a few weeks ago. A novel, a work of fiction. He’s interested. The book has passed through two levels of examination. He wants to ask me a question before sending it to level three. I answer the question, he replies with thanks. The book is now on its way to the final stage of assessment.

I am waiting for the limo.