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The Wombat in Gum Boots

April 10, 2010

Wild Animal Story – No.2

Just up the street from us lived another WIRES animal host. She took on an orphaned baby wombat. For quite a while she walked with the wombat in a cloth sling around her shoulder. The wombat responded to the almost-marsupial care and adopted his new Mum. Neighbours would say the normal baby things when they were out walking, such as, ‘Wow, hasn’t he grown?’ and ‘Is he sleeping through the night or are you still up feeding him?’

The day came when it was time for the little fellow to walk himself down the street. Our friend would walk in front, not too quickly, and behind her came the little wombat. And this is the enduring memory.

Wombats have short stocky legs, and their feet are surprising big. I suppose I’m used to dog’s feet or cat’s feet, which don’t poke forward so much. Not so, for the wombat.

The baby wombat looked like he was wearing little gum boots on all four feet. There was no sign of elbows or knees bending as he walked. It was wombat on the top layer and gum boots underneath. Each step gained him about 100 mm, so he had to take lots of steps to keep up.

If you have never seen a baby wombat walking quickly behind it’s human mum, then you are in for a treat. It is impossible to describe how funny he looked as those little gum boots took him through the suburban jungle.

It is worth selling your house and moving in just down the street from a WIRES host just for that one experience.